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Honduran communities continue to face significant challenges. Challenges that cause many to make the impossible choice to leave their families and communities in search of opportunity.

In order to prosper in their home communities, these families need solutions that address the root causes that drive them to risk the perilous journey north.

BECA has worked alongside our Honduran community partners for 18 years to provide a high-quality bilingual education to the next generation of Hondurans. An education that equips our students with the tools, skills, and knowledge to break through the inequality gap and find dignified, well-paying work in Honduras.

For many of BECA's graduates and their families, this has allowed them to avoid the need to risk everything for opportunity outside of Honduras.

By making a donation, you will help open the door to many opportunities for our students and their families to live a better life. Our 90% high school graduation rate means that your money is being put to good use as we continue to invest in future leaders.

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