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A quality education changes lives. And it starts with you.

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A quality education changes lives. And it starts with you.

At BECA schools, we teach children. They teach us!

Fall 2020 Update: In this moment more than ever, BECA and our community partners need your support to weather Hurricane Eta and COVID-19. Everything is on the line as we work to ensure that our communities recover and our schools will still be open after the pandemic passes. BECA needs to raise at least an additional $90,000 in the 2020-2021 school year in order to support our teachers, students, and families during the recovery from Hurricane Eta and as remittances to Honduras dry up and informal sector work has disappeared due to COVID-19. Our mission has become more important than ever.

It is no coincidence that “BECA” means “scholarship” in Spanish.

BECA teachers are passionate about educating and learning from our Honduran students and families, but passion alone won't ensure that our teachers have the training and resources they need. Your donation helps nourish a multicultural collaboration that is empowering generations of Honduran students across three school communities to be champions of learning and literacy, challengers of the status quo, and persistent advocates for social change.

BECA teachers represent the world: each year more of them are Honduran graduates of BECA schools. They are also from Belgium, the United States, Kenya, the UK and everywhere in between. Every day in BECA schools, we are modeling what it means to work together across borders and cultures to provide a high quality, low-to-no cost bilingual education that is leveling the playing field. We cannot do this without you! Please join us as a donor today.

You can also mail a check payable to Bilingual Education for Central America to:
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New York, New York, 10150.

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