Back to School Campaign

More than 600 students across three communities in Honduras are counting on us!

$33,285 raised

$30,000 goal

/ 150


BECA and our partners are defying the odds stacked against our students and our communities. Today, our oldest graduates are flourishing as engineers, educators and business leaders. Since BECA began in 2002, we have designed a high-class bilingual curriculum, developed an intensive training institute for our volunteers and invested in the human capital development that is central to high-quality schools.

And, we do this in communities where electricity and running water can't be taken for granted, in places where the drug wars have taken countless family members and friends, where migration is often viewed as the only path to a better future.

Most importantly, we do all of this in an equal partnership with our Honduran colleagues. BECA's schools do not belong to us - they belong to our community partners and they are social hubs for their communities, places where our partners are collaborating with us as they steward the ship towards the world they want for their children.

By making a donation, you will help open the door to many opportunities for our students and their families to live a better life. Our 90% high school graduation rate means that your money is being put to good use as we continue to invest in future leaders.

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